Water and Wastewater Concrete and Masonry Repair

Mechanically driven scraper in sedimentation tank
Water & Wastewater
We are experts in addressing concrete and masonry issues, as well as steel infrastructure problems for water and wastewater treatment facilities. We specialize in various types of concrete repair, waterproofing techniques, and coatings & linings to restore and protect the future of water distribution and wastewater treatment structures. Some of our leading specialties in the industry include concrete repair and crack injection, sandblasting & water blasting, protective coatings and sealants, and various forms of brick, CMU, and terra cotta repair.

About Water & Wastewater Treatment Repair Services
Modern day water and wastewater treatment facilities provide environmentally safe systems and controls for the distribution of drinking water as well as the collection and treatment of sewage and wastewater. This industry plays an integral role in mitigating the effects of pollution, while preventing the spread of contaminants and diseases associated with water consumption and wastewater treatment and disposal. Knowles Industrial Services is committed to protecting the community and helping to preserve this invaluable infrastructure with cost-effective repairs.


  • Structural coatings and linings
  • Various Epoxy & Urethane Injection Pumps
  • Concrete & Grout Pumps
  • Paint/Cementitious Mortar Spraying Equipment
  • Team of skilled Craftmen & Journeymen
  • Staging Equipment and Erection for difficult access
  • Safety-Focused foremen and crew members
  • Confined Space Entry (CSE) & Confined Space Rescue (CSR) trained personnel
  • OSHA 10 Hour & 30 Hour Trained Personnel
  • First Aid/First Responder trained personnel

Areas Served