Chestnut Street Church Masonry Restoration

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to comment on the exceptional work completed by Knowles Industrial on the masonry restoration of the Chestnut Street Church, now known as Grace Restaurant.

When work was begun on the Chestnut Street fa~ade of the building, the three decorative brownstone door surrounds and trefoil window surrounds, originally constructed with bold moldings in the decorated gothic style, had weathered away to almost nothing. With only one remaining example of each molding profile intact or partially intact for the door surrounds, and almost no original fabric to work with for the colonette capitals and trefoil window surrounds, it is an understatement to say that the accurate restoration of these features required patience and attention to detail. The masons studied the building, and working with Scott Whitaker of Building Envelope Consultants, accurately recreated the moldings utilizing Jahn brownstone restoration mortar. This same attention to detail was also employed for the restoration of the ashlar units, the decorative corbel table under the rose window and even the historically accurate black pointing mortar.

The work completed by Knowles Industrial at the Chestnut Street Church exemplifies the craftsmanship they bring to a project and the component elements of patience, precision and coordination in executing this type of high quality masonry restoration work.